088: Why I Stopped Podcasting in 2019

why i stopped podcasting in 2019

Why I Stopped Podcasting in 2019

It’s been months since the last episode of The Bearded Tog podcast. Wondering why I stopped podcasting in 2019?  What’s next for the podcast and the vision of 2020? I share it all here.

Why I Stopped Podcasting and Adam’s 2020 Goals for the Bearded Tog

  • Battle perfectionism.  Done is better than perfect, but it’s hard when you really care about something for it to not feel perfect.
  • Make sure that the Podcast is valuable, with great sound quality.  It’s distracting when the sound isn’t great, and he’s creating some systems to make the podcast even better.
  • Comparison.  It’s a struggle to not compare yourself to others.
  • The goal is to make better content, and to put it out.
  • Mentorship is in full force!  Adam had 5 mentees this year and plans to grow his mentorship program to add value and build the business of other photographers.
  • If you listen to this episode, shoot Adam a DM on Instagram and let him know!

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