124: Streaming Online Weddings with Battling Prejudice with Chip Dizard


Streaming Online Weddings with Chip Dizard

  • Streaming online weddings is a bigger than ever trend in 2020 due to COVID-19.
  • “Good work, good brand, good contacts”.  This will help you make it in this business.
  • Because of Chip’s background with church, he was a natural to step into live streaming.
  • Brides.com featured Chip about live streaming a while back, and now he’s on the first page of Google when you type wedding live streaming.
  • Now Chip is changing his pricing, creating workflows, and educating others on streaming online weddings.


Battling Prejudice

  • When Chip was looking into speaking, he applied everywhere could, and spoke everywhere that let him even when he was the only black speaker.  It felt different at first, but Chip decided he doesn’t care about the amount of people in the audience.  He gives it his all every time he speaks, and his audience continues to grow.
  • “We let other people define our value, instead of us defining our own value… and, I think that until I was confident with myself, and until I got there with that, with some small speaking gigs, I was able to do bigger things.”
  • A big difference in today’s culture is awareness.  Ignorance is out there, and Chip believes in giving grace and giving people the benefit of the doubt.  His email list on diversity is not focused on selling, but giving an avenue for more open dialogue.
  • When it becomes less popular to promote black voices, make sure your company or brand is still doing it.  Also, make sure it’s for the right reasons and that your motives behind it are correct.
  • Head to https://chipdizard.com/diversity to connect with Chip, ask him questions, and join his “no judgement zone tribe” on being an ally.

Connect with Chip Dizard

Website: https://chipdizardweddings.com/

Instagram: @chipdizard




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