114: Molly Stevens and Establishing Your Look


Molly Stevens and Establishing Your Look

  • Molly realized she didn’t want to be a teacher and started picking up photography as a hobby, and found it turning into a career.
  • Before she began booking clients from Instagram, she booked her own friends and family’s weddings.  Network with the people you know and people will start to recommend you!
  • With marketing, you need to show your audience that your life matches your brand, and as you continue to get to know your audience you can begin to know what they like and what resonates with them.
  • To keep a consistent feed, Molly looks for golden light, although she doesn’t limit herself.  She edits slightly warm with a unique edge, but she loosely bases off Anni Graham presets.
  • To make sure that you maintain true colors, flip back to the original image to make sure you didn’t change too much while keeping your style consistent.
  • “Especially editing and when I’m actually shooting, I’m always keeping those core values.  I obviously want this to be the most flattering, yummy light possible, but I also want to maintain the true colors that were there… Looking for that specific light that I know works well with my editing when I’m shooting, is like, the game changer.”
  • Check out Molly’s new business, Shop Wild Haven

Connect with Molly Stevens

Website: https://forthewestandwild.com/
Instagram: @forthewestandwildphoto


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