111: Mastering Wedding Flat Lays with Rebecca Yale

mastering wedding flat lays rebecca yale

Mastering Wedding Flat Lays

  • You can take the composition skills you learn from mastering wedding flat lays and use them in your other work.
  • The stronger you make your composition, the faster and easier it is for your viewer to “get” an image.
  • We only get imposter syndrome if we aren’t being ourselves.
  • You don’t know what’s happening behind someone’s Instagram.
  • Where you look for inspiration can be very dangerous, because seeing too much of other people’s work can cloud your brain.
  • It’s okay to have a season of taking in a lot of inspiration from others, but it’s important to know when to step back and create for yourself.
  • Still life goes back hundreds of years – go back and study the greats of lighting and composition.  Photographers can learn so much from the world of painting.
  • Photograph the same object in 10 different ways.  Look at how the options change the opinion of what you’re saying in the photograph.
  • Because these objects truly matter, we should practice flat lays before.  Wedding days are not the time to practice.
  • If you’re thinking on a wedding day, you’re already behind!  You need to be on muscle memory.
  • Get stationery and practice – grab your shoes, your husband’s shoes, etc.
  • Your eye reads a frame how we read a book.  Be purposeful in how you guide the viewer’s eye.
  • Style with intentionality.  Tell a story.  If you can’t caption an image, you probably shouldn’t be putting it out there.

Mastering Wedding Flat Lays and Making Your Styling Kit

Things Rebecca recommends for your styling kit:

  • Risers
  • Washi Tape
  • Roll Up Styling Surfaces (Rebecca loves Chasing Stone & Locus Collection)
  • Mrs. Boxes
  • Vision Wire

Connect with Rebecca Yale

Website: www.rebeccayalephotography.com
Instagram: @rebeccayale


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