110: From Photographer to Sharing Good News with Branden Harvey

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From Photographer to Sharing Good News with Branden Harvey

Note:  This episode was recorded before the death of George Floyd.

  • Branden has pivoted from full-time freelance photographer to running a newspaper where he works on sharing good news stories with the world.
  • Branden first started pivoting by becoming a intentional story-telling photographer focused on brands doing good and non-profits.
  • As a career, Branden focuses on sharing good news of people moving the needle for good in the world.
  • “What gets me out of bed in the morning is this deeper meaning and this deeper message… so then I started exploring, ‘ok what does it look like to maintain that core principal, that core thing I’m passionate about, but maybe venture out of photography?'”
  • Photography can just be an expression of your life and brand mission.
  • Branden started gaining a following on Instagram of people who wanted to hear good news.
  • When Branden saw a space for “real messy hope” – stories of people making a real difference in the world – he started looking for a company to work with.  When he didn’t see anywhere, he knew he had to start something himself.
  • The Goodnewspaper started with a newsletter, and then a podcast.  You can hear the internal exploration on the podcast as Branden finds his place and passion in the world as he comes up with the newspaper.

Connect with Branden Harvey

Website: http://www.brandenharvey.com/
Instagram: @brandenharvey


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