091: Finding Your Photography Style with Dayo Kosoko

finding your photography style with dayo kosoko

Finding Your Photography Style with Dayo Kosoko

One of the most difficult things for new photographers is finding your photography style.  So much goes into your style, and it’s a constant process of trial and error.

Dayo Kosoko of The Art Type shares his tips for gaining confidence, finding balance, and finding your photography style.

Diving In with Dayo

  • The more work you put into something, you’re essentially teaching yourself how to be great.  If you have a business background, you can really build a career.
  • We are living in a vain society, in a visual age.  Instagram is a great place to be active.
  • The amount of work you put in is proportional to what you get out.  Continue to hunt and chase for knowledge.
  • You’re never the only photographer.  There’s always other options.  Your business plan, response time, social media presence, etc. matter.
  • Challenge yourself, and step outside of your comfort zone.  You can try anything once.
  • If you want to make photography a career, you’re doing everything.
  • If you find yourself overshooting, make sure you take a step back and take care of the business side.  One of the joys of photography is getting to curate your business and career.
  • If you don’t have rest, you aren’t going to be the best photographer you can be.
  • There’s enough business for everybody – don’t be afraid to give away knowledge.  Sharing doesn’t hurt your business.
  • Bring your camera with you!  Dayo has gotten business just by bringing his camera to a coffee shop and having it by him as he works.

Finding Your Style

  • You don’t see the behind the scenes of a photographer trying to find their style as you work – it’s trial and error.
  • Learning how to get what you want out of your subject is a dance.  You have to work for it and guide them.
  • Don’t forget to direct.  It’s your job to make your subject feel comfortable.
  • You can always do better and be more.
  • Sometimes you are your own worst critic.  We see things as photographers that our clients don’t see.

Connect with Dayo Kosoko

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