112: Developing a Consistent Style with Jordan Voth

developing a consistent style jordan voth

Developing a Consistent Style with Jordan Voth

  • Jordan started his career as an accountant, but became hooked after photographing his first wedding.
  • As a creature of habit, Jordan still shoots with Canon 5D Mark II.  His post-processing and editing process has been the same for the past five years, leading to a super consistent style.
  • Keep consistent timing for consistent looking light.  A sunny day in the summer is different than the winter – get to know what time works best for you and your work.
  • Put your trust in the right people on wedding day – trusting your second shooters is a huge game changer and benefit for photographers.  This is especially true when time is limited!
  • Sometimes there’s stress behind the Instagram “perfection” – you never know what’s going on behind the scenes!
  • Shoot details with different lenses and focal lengths.  Shoot for what the couple wants and needs, but also take that extra second to shoot more for blogs and publication.  Focus on variety and overshoot!  It’s better to have more to work with than to not.
  • Keep in mind vendors love detail shots, and it means a lot for them to have a lot to work with.  The couple is also spending a lot of money on those details!  This builds your referral network.
  • Know what you need.  Jordan shoots with an 85mm and 35mm for most of the days at weddings.  He recently added video lights to his set up for dance floor photos.
  • Prep people, get them excited to be in front of the camera, and make sure your clients feel comfortable.  When your clients have a good time, you’ll have a good time.
  • “I feel like that’s how a lot of things are, something happens and you’re like ‘oh man, I need to make sure that never happens again’, and then you learn from it.”

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