106: Creative Editorial Photography with Anisha Spice

creative editorial photography with anisha spice bearded tog

Creative Editorial Photography with Anisha Spice

Have you ever been curious about the world of creative editorial photography?  What if you made the process of taking the photo as important as the photos themselves?  Anisha Spice shares her journey into creative editorial photography, food photography, and being a student for life on the Bearded Tog.

Thoughts from Anisha

  • Creative editorial photography is just as much about the process as it is the end product.
  • Anisha created a cookbook with one light!  You can do a lot with a little and part of being creative is making do with what you have.

  • There is a lot of history in photography, and Anisha believes that so much we do is based off the past, so it’s important to know where the craft comes from.
  • Anisha focuses on playing around with shapes, angles, and props.  Put a lot there and take away – there can be value to both.

  • When trying to choose props and styling a shoot, start with a lot and take things away until it feels balanced.  If there’s too much happening, your eye might not be drawn to the right place.  Focus first, then give yourself breathing room, then more room for exploration.
  • Anisha believes she is always a student, and it’s never all figured out.
  • Keep reappearing, keep showing up, and keep showing the work YOU love, even when it’s not the most popular.

Connect with Anisha Sisodia

Website: http://www.anishasisodia.com/
Instagram: @anishaspice


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