130: Navigating Creativity and Business with Delphine Diallo

navigating creativity and business

Navigating Creativity and Business with Delphine Diallo

  • Delphine lives in Brooklyn, went to school in Paris, and now is a full-time creative.
  • We are experience division this year.
  • There’s a balance between making the work you want to create and making a living.
  • “People have to know the dedication of the commitment that it takes to change your life, because nobody’s going to dream about it except you.”
  • Delphine was 31 when she started her photography career. She started a new life in New York and decided to change her life.
  • Delphine decided to use all of her extra money and time on photography.  After going to school in Paris, she had to create a life in which she could focus on creativity full time.
  • Navigating creativity and business can be a challenge, but when it’s something you are meant to do, you have to make that path for yourself.
  • After working with Peter Beard for months, Delphine began questioning point of view and her journey shifted.

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