123: The Leave No Trace Photography Course with Maddie Mae, Anni Graham, and The Foxes

The Leave No Trace Photography Course

  • Maddie Mae, Anni Graham, and The Foxes are elopement photography experts and have created a new course for elopement photographers, the Leave No Trace Photography Course.
  • Leave No Trace is a set of 7 ethical rules that conserve access to our public lands.
  • This is a shame-free course to educate and teach photographers how to take care of public lands so that people can continue to use them.
  • The goal is awareness for photographers.
  • The course encourages working Leave No Trace into your workflow and contract.  They even share a clause you can copy and paste into your current contract.
  • Elopement specialists partner with Leave No Trace and share everything they know, including direct alternatives for environment harmful materials such as confetti or champagne.
  • There is a huge opportunity for photographers to educate the couple about an experience they have in the outdoors.  Focus on the experience – if you do enough to plan ahead and prepare, it will be a much better experience than going to the most populated areas with the most restrictions.
  • Show people places they didn’t know existed!  This course educates on how to keep access in a sustainable way.
  • If we don’t show we are good stewards of the land, access can be taken away from us.
  • In order to make sure you know how to leave no trace as a photographer, this course can be a great next step for your business!






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