122: Creating the IGDC Instameet Community with Holly Garner

starting the IGDC Instameet Community

  • Holly started IGDC Instameet Community after being intimidated by the social media community when she first discovered it.
  • Fifteen people showed up at the first meeting, and some are still active in the community!
  • She used Instagram as a way to connect with other photographers and to reconnect with DC.
  • The IGDC hashtag took off.  Now the Instagram account has over 65,000 followers.
  • The account doesn’t take advertising dollars and isn’t there to make money.  Holly makes sure every collaboration is beneficial to the community.
  • “We all get so stuck in our routines, and it’s good to have some motivation to get out and explore. And so, we just try to do that with our cameras”.
  • If you’re looking to foster community, stick with it.  You aren’t going to have a lot of followers in the beginning.  Get out there.  Reiterate that you’re there.  Be open to everybody and be persistent.
  • If you’re building a community, you want it to reflect that rather than one person.
  • In order to foster community, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Connect with Holly Garner

Website:  https://igdcofficial.com/
Instagram: @golightly  @IGDC


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