119: Pinterest Tips for Wedding Photographers with Sharee Davenport

pinterest tips for wedding photographers sharee davenport

Pinterest Tips for Wedding Photographers with Sharee Davenport

  • Pinterest is a free form of marketing for photographers and creatives.
  • Sharee was able to provide for her family through photography and the corporate world until she made enough as a single parent to cover two salaries, and then she took the jump into full time photography.
  • Set goals for yourself and make sure you’re set up for success for going full time.
  • Don’t over pin.  You have to do Pinterest right in order to generate leads.
  • Pinterest isn’t just about numbers, it’s about generating actual traffic to your website and leads.  It’s easy to inflate your numbers on Pinterest, but that’s a waste of your time if you aren’t doing it correctly.
  • One of Sharee’s favorite Pinterest tips for wedding photographers is to start from scratch.  You can delete everything and start over.
  • The best place to start on Pinterest is from scratch.
  • Everything on your Pinterest should link back to your website and ultimately to land where you want them.
  • Spend the least amount of time to get the best results.  Only pin content from your own website.
  • If you want to pin for personal use, make your boards secret.
  • Make your boards focused on what you do.  Ex: Colorado Engagement Photographer, Colorado Wedding Photographer, etc.
  • You can use what you already have and build up traffic, leads, and income.
  • Keep in mind that Pinterest in a search engine, and the SEO has to back up what you want people to find you for.

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