116: Becoming a Full-Time Graphic Designer with Joe Cavazos


Becoming a Full-Time Graphic Designer with Joe Cavazos

  • Joe started volunteering at his church, and it allowed him some freedom to create before he could get hired for the jobs he wants.
  • Six years ago, Joe realized it made sense to go full-time with freelance.  He decided to go all-in.
  • Joe supplemented his income with side-businesses on top of being a full-time graphic designer.  He’s able to build other peoples businesses and help them chase their dreams also.
  • Now, Joe is able to pick and choose the project he has the capacity for.
  • It’s good to have a gate keeper (like Joe’s wife!) to help you choose priorities and make sure everything gets done.
  • When you know that you’re going to have slower months, it’s good to prepare for that.
  • It can be a challenge to handle the business aspect and still have time to create.
  • It’s good to find a space where you can make mistakes when you’re first getting started.
  • “I see something visually, and a lightbulb hits. How can I make this different?  How can I bring something new to the table?”
  • Be a visual DJ – take something that inspires you and make it new.
  • We have the power to make our own inspiration.  Always add your signature to your work.  Add your footprint.  Take an idea you’ve seen somewhere else, and make it your own.

Connect with Joe Cavazos

Website: https://www.joecavazos.com/
Instagram: @joecavazos


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