115: Successfully Sell Wedding Albums with Melissa Jill

successfully sell wedding albums melissa jill

Successfully Sell Wedding Albums with Melissa Jill

  • Melissa is the owner of Align Wedding Design.
  • You’re a photographer.  You’re not a professional wedding album designer.
  • Align designs albums for photographers.  They also education and resources for photographers.
  • When pricing to successfully sell wedding albums, look at your cost and multiply it by 3 or 5 depending on your goals.
  • Don’t be apologetic!  Sell with confidence.  This allows your buyer to see the value.
  • Things that last forever take time and cost money, however, it’s up to you to build value.
  • “It’s really about communicating on an emotional level and talking about how much you want each client to walk away with an album… and sharing why you feel that way”
  • Don’t forget to paint a picture and share a story.  Along with that, share personal experiences or experiences of your clients.
  • We need to simplify life for our clients.  Additionally, show them the value in something they can’t create themselves.
  • You’ll have the most success if you meet with your client before and show them the albums.  Show them an option for a really luxury album with upgrades, and give them that choice to make themselves.

Connect with Melissa Jill

Website: https://alignalbumdesign.com/
Instagram: @alignalbumdesign


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