109: How to Hustle with Dan Newman

how to hustle with dan newman

How to Hustle with Dan Newman

Dan Newman is a three-time emmy award winning director and digital content creator out of New York City.  Join us on the Bearded Tog as he talks freelance, how to hustle, and what he did to become successful.

  • Hindsight is 20/20, and looking back at hard work really shows you where you came from and what you accomplished.
  • Freelance jobs are going to run out of things for you to do unless you create them.
  • With weddings, you have to hustle for each client.  With corporate, you can have many jobs from 1 client in a single year.
  • Have open and honest communication with your clients.  Do your best for them, and let them know you’re open to feedback.  Be willing to work, and be willing to be better.
  • Nobody wants bad apples with negative energy on their teams.
  • As you work with people, you get more trust on projects.  You don’t have to be told what to do or introduce yourself each time anymore.
  • When you get clients who value you at a certain price, it’s hard to go back.

Connect with Dan Newman

Website: http://www.danewm.com/
Instagram: @dannewmandp


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