098: Concert Photography with Maurico Castro

concert photography with maurico castro

Concert Photography with Maurico Castro

Have you ever wondered how to break into concert photography?  What does it take to become a successful music photographer?  Because concert photography is a coveted industry, you have to start small and work your way up.

Maurico Castro, DC concert photographer shares his experience and tips.

Concert Photography

  • You can find many different music scenes right in your city.
  • The passion for music is widely important if you want to get into concert photography.
  • It’s super easy to find a dedicated community to bands because of the internet.
  • Chunky Glasses was started by Kevin Hill.  It allowed music lovers to connect and find each other.  Maurico is the live features editor of Chunky Glasses.
  • Because of his work with Chunky Glasses, Maurico has had access to amazing musicians.
  • Maurico went looking for a community in DC when his Instagram was full of iPhone photos of concerts.  As a result, he was given an opportunity and seized it and developed a portfolio that he approached Chunky Glasses with.
  • It doesn’t take ridiculous gear – Maurico got started with a 50mm lens and a 6D that he bought in 2012.
  • The bands don’t reach out to you.  In general, PR reaches out.  Other times, you have to reach out to them.
  • Some bands or artists are more in control of their own photos or social media presence.  Some have their own photographer and won’t allow outside photographers to come in.  However, there’s still a large majority who are open to different photographers.
  • Because each job is always different, the line can be blurred with shooting for a publication vs. shooting for a band.
  • Keep in mind, most photographers are doing concert photography as a side-gig for free tickets.
  • Find an outlet.  You can start a music blog, start small, and work your way into the work you want to make.

Connect with Maurico Castro

Website: http://mauricios.photos/
Instagram: @themaurico


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