095: Getting Through Winter with Bryan Minear

getting through winter bryan minear

Getting Through Winter with Bryan Minear

What fills your cup?  Are you facing a time of drought in your business?

Bryan Minear shares his struggles, and focuses on getting through winter in your business.

Notes from Bryan on Getting Through Winter

  • Routines can begin to feel mundane.  You may find yourself stuck in a routine, especially when it’s winter and there’s not a lot of sunny days.
  • When you have a wedding or event every weekend, you get in the groove.  When you have a month off and are in the mundane parts of the business, it can be hard.
  • The winter can effect your mood, personality and outlook.
  • Doing personal projects can help break up the mundane.
  • Learning and consuming content from other photographers can help with your satisfaction.  Be constantly learning!
  • Look into something like Skillshare, workshops, or college classes to learn something new and keep yourself fresh.
  • Think about learning a new skill – animation, video, etc.
  • Free content on YouTube is there for you!  Bryan falls asleep to it to constantly be learning.
  • Building your skillset makes all of the difference in a stagnant lull.
  • Recognize that your frustration with other people might be internal negativity.

Tips from Bryan

  • Because of the Instagram algorithm, quality comes before quantity.
  • Develop a healthy schedule for work-life balance.
  • Push yourself.  Try to get better.  Have no regrets, but not at the expense of being the best person and in Bryan’s case, Dad you can be.

Connect with Bryan Minear

Website: https://www.bryanminear.com/
Instagram: @bryanminear


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