093: Sam Stroud on Building a Team

sam stroud on building a team

Sam Stroud on Building a Team

Thinking of joining or building a team?  It can be awesome!

DC Photographer Sam Stroud leads a team of 7 that photographs hundreds of weddings per year.  He shares the struggles and wins of running an associate team on this episode of the Bearded Tog.

Notes from Sam on Building a Team

  • There’s money in photography – but there’s more money in multiplying yourself and not saying no to revenue.
  • When you find yourself turning down tons of weddings due to being booked, it may be worth building out an associate program.
  • It’s a great feeling when you start getting requests for specific associates.  The more you can put trust in your associates, the better!
  • When you go to Starbucks anywhere in the world, you know what you’re getting.  That’s what Sam wants to build in his brand recognition.
  • It’s great to have associates with different strengths and weaknesses than you.
  • Don’t run your business out of scarcity and fear.
  • Sam believes you should not be culling your own work.  It takes the emotional attachment out of choosing your best images.
  • Systems are important when running an associate program.
  • Think about rewarding your associates with things like company parties or retreats.  You can align them with your brand and make sure that your associates know what they mean to you.


Connect with Sam Stroud

Website: https://www.samstroudphoto.com/
Instagram: @samstroudphotography


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