092: Personal Creativity with Noemie Tshinanga

personal creativity with noemie tshinanga

Personal Creativity with Noemie Tshinanga

Have you taken the leap into full-time freelance but aren’t sure what to do in the slow season?  Noemie Tshinanga has only been in full-time freelance for a year, but has photographed people like Common, Missy Elliott, and for everyone from Refinery29 to the New York Times.

Personal creativity is wildly important to Noemie, and she shares her journey on the Bearded Tog.

Notes from the Episode on Personal Creativity

  • Noemie got laid off, cried for 3o minutes, and was featured on Vogue.com shortly after.  She registered as an LLC and decided to be self-employed.
  • What should we do with the stillness of 2020?  Personal projects, creating a foundation, building something to fall back on, and working on your mental health are all worthwile.
  • You have to trust the process.  Prepare financially, and try to have savings in the bank.
  • Sometimes you have to take gigs that aren’t dream gigs – there’s actors that we don’t know that are paying their bills by doing what they love.  People are scared of being a middle class freelancer, but not all of us have to have a million followers or be making a crazy amount of money.
  • There’s value in doing work that isn’t glamorous.  Your bank account doesn’t care where your money comes from.
  • Jump into creative projects – approach them from a place of what you want to be hired for.
  • Noemie uses self-portraits as a form of therapy.

Connect with Noemie Tshinanga

Website: https://www.noemie-marguerite.com/
Instagram: @noemiemarguerite


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