090: The Hons of Hustle & Flow

what is hustle and flow with the hons

What is Hustle & Flow with the Hons?

Do you feel like you’re not represented in most photography education?  Are you looking for something that gives you a much-needed kick in the pants, rather than an inspirational, magical approach?

Jump into the refreshing, no-nonsense education of Hustle & Flow with the Hons.

More About the Hons

  • Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you should spend it.
  • Brittani started off with a Nikon from Costco when she was a server at Applebees.  When she found out how much her friends will willing to pay for photography, she jumped in and started her hustle.
  • John was grinding with corporate photography before he met Brittani.  The two shot their first wedding in 2012.
  • The Hons put up an advertisement for $500 weddings and got booked up in no time.
  • “Cheap but we don’t suck” became the name of the game for the Hons.  They aren’t embarrassed to say they were just trying to pay bills, and were happy to get paid to do what they love.
  • Hustle & Flow is every avenue of success and mistakes the Hons have made, plus everything they’ve learned in their life experience.
  • You have to learn how to use the tools!
  • You have to focus on the correct words and communication.  The Hons are teaching people to connect with client’s heads and hearts rather than what their wedding looks like.
  • If everyone’s using the same buzzwords, than nobody is standing out with their brand.  We aren’t each other’s clients most of the time, and you have to figure out the wording that your client’s understand.
  • You have to reassure your couples that you understand they’re spending a lot of money with them, and they’re going to get a lot of value.
  • Your rates can go up based on demand.  You don’t have to start out at the top – there’s nothing wrong with being a savvy business owner.
  • The Hustle & Flow workshop is a 2 day intensive in Orlando.  They cover everything from pricing, to finding clients, finding your worth, and adding value for your clients.
  • Scared money don’t make money!  You have to invest in yourself if you expect people to invest in you.  You need to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Connect with The Hons of Hustle & Flow

Website: https://hustleandflow.net/
Instagram: @hustleandflowofficial


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