069: Photographing Familiar Faces with James Anthony

James Anthony Professional Photographer on Photographing Familiar Faces

Photographing Familiar Faces

Some of my favorite photographers are not wedding photographers, but those who’ve taken their photo skills to a different path. For James Anthony, his speciality is celebrities, athletes, models, and more, but as he says, they’re simply “familiar faces”.  Photographing familiar faces has become a key part of Anthony’s career.

James Anthony has photographed everyone from Serena Williams, Angela Simmons, and even members of the hit TV show “This is us”. This episode is all about James Anthony’s Journey.

Tips from James Anthony: Photographing Familiar Faces

  • James grew up with a camera in his hand long before he was photographing familiar faces, but his career didn’t happen until college.
  • Because he became more focused and intentional on the content he was releasing, everything for him changed.
  • After graduation, James started booking a lot of work because he used his network from high school and college to get bookings.
  • Waiting for an opportunity to fall in your lap is a waste of time.  James doesn’t wait for anything.  His fangs are always out and his number one activity is networking.  You need to find out how to get to where you want, and be fearless!
  • Never be afraid to ask, the worst they can say is no.
  • You have to be present, and you also have to be your own biggest cheerleader.

Connect with James Anthony

Website:  https://www.jamesanthonyphotos.com/

Instagram:  @IAmJamesAnthony


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