065: Outsourcing Your Wedding Editing with Nathan Holritz

Outsourcing Your Editing with Nathan Holritz

Outsourcing Your Wedding Editing

Does the idea of outsourcing your wedding editing make you anxious? Are you worried about losing control over your style if you hand your work to someone else?

In this episode, I talk with Nathan Holrtiz, founder of Photographers Edit, a custom image editing solution for wedding and portrait photographers. As a former wedding photographer, he understands your struggle and built a company that takes the time to get your unique editing style just right so you can spend more time with the people you love through outsourcing your wedding editing.

Nathan shares about getting your life back, how to avoid spending hours in front of the computer, and how he built his company as a way to serve others.

Nathan’s Takeaways on Outsourcing Your Wedding Editing

  • Nathan wants photographers to be able to do more of what they want to do. Because editing so time consuming, it takes hours away from photographers doing other things to grow their businesses.
  • When you are creative, the way you do your art tends to bring out the type of person you really are. The thing Nathan loved about photographing weddings was serving people. Although he transitioned into a new business, the heart of it is the same, serving people.
  • Because the photographer’s style of editing is so important to their business, Nathan’s company, Photographer’s Edit has a process when a new client joins that’ll help the editing team hone in and be able to replicate their style.

How does outsourcing your wedding editing help?

  • Outsourcing your editing adds to the client experience because you can have your photos back in less than a week. The clients could receive their images while they are still on their honeymoon!
  • A key to outsourcing is to understand your process well enough to be able to communicate that to someone else. If you have trouble understanding your own process and how you achieve your style, your business might have trouble flourishing.
  • Instead of trying to maintain control over every little thing, learn to let go. Life is more beautiful if we just move forward.

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