036: Systemizing Your Business with Lauren Louise

How to Systemize your business with lauren louise

Systemizing Your Business with Lauren Louise

Systemizing your business can be outlining anything from the client onboarding process to the steps from shooting to editing an event.  Furthermore, a process will help you ensure you don’t miss particular steps that make your business repeatable. Your systems are how things work internally for the brand, but your systems affect your brand which affects how your clients feel about you and your services.

In today’s episode of The Bearded Tog podcast, I talk with Lauren Louise of Lauren Louise Collective. Her brand is colorful, consistent, and she’s got great systems set up for managing multiple clients and processes to help her business grow and be more streamlined.

Lauren’s Takeaways for Systemizing Your Business

  • Having a system is important because it can help show you what is working and what is not working.

  • If you had a client who didn’t have a good experience with you, you can go back through the steps of your system and identify what wrong in that case.

  • Having a system ties into having strong branding. All the steps of your processes are part of the client experience.

  • Always remember, a system is very important when you are growing and expanding your team. When you have the processes written out, it makes it easy for your new associates or employees to jump into the work.


Connect With Lauren Louise

Website: https://laurenlouisecollective.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurenlouisecollective/



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