032: Racism and Staying Positive with Gary Williams

Gary Williams on Racism in the Creative Industry

Racism and Staying Positive with Gary Williams

The sad truth is that there is racism in the creative industry. We aren’t immune to it. Although the topic might make you feel uncomfortable, we should always hope to learn perspective and engage with others to help make our creative community a better place.

In this episode, I talk with Director and Photographer Gary Williams Jr, about racism and prejudice in the creative industry. From creating a diverse company culture, the failed Pepsi commercial to personal stories from Gary’s career, we discuss what we can do as creators to help move this world forward.

I’m inspired by Gary and hope you are too.

Gary’s Takeaways on Racism and Staying Positive

  • Gary works with companies on how to create a diverse culture. He encourages them  to think beyond filling a quota. A productive a company can have is: How do we include these people into our culture and how can we understand them a bit more? 
  • “The greatest work you’ll  produce do is the work you do for yourself.”
  • The magazine Gary produced, Thrive, came from the idea of not waiting for for a seat at the table of decision making, but building their own table. It was a place to work on projects that tell their own stories and their narrative and perspective. 
  • People of different backgrounds need to keep having conversations to learn to respect each other and understand each other even more. 
  • In talking about race relations, it’s important to understand this: Every human, no matter the skin color, wants the same thing in life. We want health, and well being, and to take care of our family. If you aren’t able to see another person as a human, then we’re at a dead end.
  • Having empathy is the best way to communicate. 
  • It’s important for people of color, or any other diverse background to take charge of their own narrative and share their stories. 

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Website: http://www.masterwilliams.co 

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